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What is Gaia?

Throughout time, ancient wisdom brought to us by sages and elders has told us that everyone and everything on earth is inter-connected.
This inter-connection has been called by many names.
The Greeks used the word ‘Gaia’ as the Earth Goddess.Other names for Earth Goddesses
Scientists started by theorizing that Earth is an integrated entity till James Lovelock used the term Gaia to describe his theory.
Contemporary thinkers, scholars, philosophers have also penned their thoughts about Gaia.
Artists have used Images of Gaia to convey and evoke this inter-connectedness.
Is Gaia sentient or insentient?

Meaning and forms of the name ‘Gaia’

The word is Gaia for thousands of years. In ancient Hebrew, Gaia means “conscious life” (= animals) and in Arabic, “life”. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess of the earth, and the origin of all life.

Gaia – Meaning of the name

[ 2 syll. ga-ia, gai-a ] The baby girl name Gaia is pronounced GAYah or GEYah (English) †. Gaia’s language of origin is Latin and Old Greek. It is predominantly used in Italian and English. Old Greek origin, English use: Derived from the word ge with the meaning ‘earth’. Old forms of the name include Gaea (Latin) and Gaia (Old Greek). The name was borne in classical mythology by the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth, who gave birth to the Titans. The Gaia philosophy, first proposed in the 20th century, conceptualizes that all living organisms on a planet co-exist to the benefit of the whole.

In addition, Gaia is a form of the Italian Caia.

Gaia is the feminine version of the Italian and Welsh Caio. Forms of Gaia include the Latinized Gaea, the English Geah, the English Gia, the Scandinavian Kai, and the English Kaia.

The Meaning Of Gaia – Is Gaia a goddess, or just a good idea? By David Spangler

Spangler sketches out a way of thinking about Gaia that might best serve both humans and the planet.

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