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Mother Earth by Gra-anna
Gaia Minute by Gien
Gaia by Zephyr
*Go *And *Involve *All – it is time by Meenakshi
Being Gaia by Meenakshi

Mother Earth
by Gra-anna

Mother Earth
May I honour you
in my every step
May I be conscious of your
heart pulsing within mine
May I hold the dream seed
of the world of peace
warm in my belly
And when it is ready
let all the children of the world
hold hands
from our collective being
birth this sacred reality
In the darkest hour
the seed is sown
its love shall
bring it to the Sacred DawnMay I learn Mother Earth
to understand your language
the language
of the heart
and sing it
in pure celebration
I want to bathe you in bliss
to thank you
for dancing beauty
in every possible way


Gaia Minute
by Gien
Gaia minute is a way to focus human consciousness at one moment in time
bringing strangers together for a common purpose

We have all started out in life as strangers
and have converted some of these strangers into our friend
depending on our karmic disposition

Yet Gaia is the mother of us all
Gaia minute is a reminder of our greater common ancestry
that lay beyond genes and DNA

It’s when we strengthen the bonds between strangers
that we can tune into this larger family
and that helps us to overcome differences
find patience and forgiveness
in our individual daily lives
and to find deeper connection with our environment
and other living beings we share Gaia with

May Gaia minute transform
into Gaia hour, Gaia week, Gaia month, Gaia year
and Gaia lifetime

Many Blessings
Gien Mar 12 2009

by Zephyr

Body and soul I love her deeply
for her wisdom, her ample beauty,
She gave all her love, without
distinguishing good from bad,
just there, being, supporting
and bountiful. She is my rock,
without her love I am nothing.
She gave love unconditionally.
All that I am, seeded by Gaia.
I treat her gently, tenderly,
tend her wounds, tread lightly
round her sickbed, gang raped
by those she loved – humanity.
Zephyr’s poem from http://poetryshowcase.ning.com/

*Go *And *Involve *All – It is Time

by Meenakshi Suri

I am Gaia
Love me as I love you

Forgive me as I forgive you

Care for me as I care for you

Delight in me as I delight in you

Honor each other so I may be honored

Enjoy my gifts so I may enjoy yours

See me in you as I see you in me

Care for all brothers and sisters

Love my children as I love you

Go And Involve All

It is time
Being Gaia
by Meenakshi Suri

Earth embraces us in her compassion.
It is gentle, it is powerful,
yielding and strong,
abundant and receptive
There is growth, there is decay
Earth enfolds us in her giant embrace
And we are Gaia

Gaia, I am

Mother Earth
In your core, your mantle, your undulating surfaces
Suffusing ether, your spacious skies and inner spaces
You are adversary, mother, friend, muse, lover
A host gracious or wrathful
Grounding us
as you hurtle in outer space
Bearing the brunt of meteors
Basking in the glow of sun and stars
Carrying with you the faithful moon
And all my brothers and sisters
I am in you and you are in me
We are Gaia

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